Your 5-Day Reset Challenge

My very first “quiet time” after a couple of kids was challenging, to say the least.

I’d try to wake up before the babies did (they were 14 months apart). But, I never would get past hitting snooze.

I’d try during nap time, but it took a year before I got their naps to line up.

And then there was before-bed-quiet-time. John appreciated my efforts, but there was little left of me available for him, so that didn’t last long.

The absence of a prayer rhythm turned into years and my journal pages went blank. I even began to question if the Lord was listening or if God even cared.

Eventually, after my revelatory walk (read more here), trying all the things, and a couple of kids later, I created a prayer closet.

Inspired by the movie, War Room, I cleaned out my closet, sharing one with John, so I could create space for an encounter with the Lord.

Now, it might be the middle of the day, the kids might be playing, practicing piano or even eating lunch, but I can hide away and meet the Lord when I need him most.

It’s not perfectly timed, and it’s not as often as I prefer, but I have room. A place to go where I can open my heart before the Lord. Where I can go to get filled up and “keep my heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

I’ve found answers to my wonderings and I can say with confidence that God cares. Yes, friend, the Lord cares so much about you.

You may have tried a zillion different ways to make space for bible study and prayer. Maybe it worked, but life happened. Or maybe you’ve never hit your stride, but you have a desire to try again.

We all have to start somewhere.

Where will you start?

A friend of mine takes a walk to create space for encounter (listen to our first podcast about getting out in nature). Another uses her drive time to work to listen to the Bible app and then pray and sing her way there. And I have many who are early birds and they’ve made mornings, before the kids get up, work for them.

Once you find a time and space that you want to try, we’ve created some more meditation sheets that will only take you 5-minutes to complete. Because sometimes we need help knowing where exactly we will start.

We’ve written out the scriptures and created sections on the printable page to use the immersion method.

My challenge to you this week is to find five, 5-minute time slots to read, write and pray these scriptures. Use them with your kids or rinse and repeat with other verses or sections of the Bible you would like to read through.

Will you accept my challenge?

Let us know what you are doing this week to create space for encounter in your heart and with your kids!

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Words can hardly express how much I appreciate your teaching at our Sunday school class and your sharing of your notes, and the most important, your encouragement.”
Shu Schiller
College Professor, Wife and Mother
After watching your video, I started praying with my wife again.  We’re doing it and are encouraged to refresh our vision and prayer life together.
Steven Smith
Missionary and Finance Director, Husband and Father of 3
This ministry is so needed in the body of Christ.  It’s so practical and doable, but I’ve not seen anything like it.
Charles Criniere
High School Teacher, Husband, Father of 8


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