Praying Families

For Every Family To Thrive.

2017   Midwest Parent  Educators

Women’s Encouragement Day

January  28, 2017 City Center Church

I’m excited to share a message so close to my heart.  I’m growing in hope myself, and have a passion to see us all thrive in the midst of our day-in-day-out teaching, laundry, clean-up kind of life.

Sarah’s Notes…

A Note From Me To You…

Each one of you is such a gift to your home, the world, and ultimately, Your Father in Heaven! To what God has called you, He has equipped You! You have what it takes because You have the Holy Spirit.

He has anointed your head with oil, and your cup is overflowing. In the mundane that no one sees and may not appreciate, He is delighting in all that you are putting your hands and heart to!

When you feel like you are failing and wonder if you are not enough for your children, you are! You are daily choosing to embrace the calling!

Don’t quit!

There is a very real battle for your heart and that of your children. You are going to war. Let’s not go after perfect children, or perfect outcomes. Let’s go after delight, relationship and intentionality.

When comparison arises, let’s say no to looking to and fro. Let’s celebrate our kids strengths, weaknesses, quirts, and challenges. The Holy Spirit will uniquely guide every home; parenting, schooling style, curriculum, outside activities, and family worship.

No two families do it the same. There is not one right model.

Prayer is the unseen gift. When we have no solution, let’s pray, individually and in community. It is a muscle worth exercising. He will always extend the grace to pray.

Homeschooling is often times so much more the fruit in our own hearts, when we think it is just for the kids. You are discipling a generation who will not only stand for truth, but will be wholeheartedly devoted to Him.

This is why we labor to build an altar in our homes. Let us not lose heart!

As He has commissioned us with an urgency for the hour, may we find ourselves leaning into Hope!