Vision, Mission and Values

Here’s what we see

Picture your church. Better yet, picture 20 families in your church. Now, picture their breakfast tables being surrounded by wide-eyed children and the Bible being read. See their living rooms full of families signing to the Lord and praying for His Kingdom to break in.

Now, picture your church being full of families just. like. them.

Can you see the lobby conversations being full of life’s happenings and answered prayers or fathers telling of the joy he felt in worship?
In today’s fast-paced, microwave society we are all faced with the cultural pull away from the building blocks that sustain legacies.

We believe that thriving families shift culture.

Paul wrote this in Ephesians 3 “To Him be glory in the Church by Jesus Christ to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

So, Join us! Join us as we navigate the challenges and joys of parenting today’s kids as we raise a new banner of families who gush with the love of Christ.

Sure, we’ll have our setbacks and afflictions, but together, we’ll also see our children and grandchildren handed a picture of God that compels their voluntary response of wholehearted love!

We see families thriving in their homes with clear vision and purpose for how they can walk out every plan from the Father’s heart.

Where we’re going

In order for our churches to shift culture to exult Jesus, our homes have to grow. The reality is that this starts in a husband and father’s heart, like yours. It starts with a wife and mother’s prayers and setting of her heart.

It begins when husband and wife slow down, pray, learn, clarify their calling and get serious about walking that out.

We’re focusing on empowering families one by one. In everything we do, we’re targeting the shift that goes from where you are now to walking in the desired destiny for your home.

We believe that like William Wilberforce and John Wesley, the gospel can influence our culture and bring an awakening to our homes. God is raising up families to not only survive in todays culture but thrive and impact their spheres for His glory and renown. Our assignment is to envision, empower, equip and encourage families to foster cultures of prayer in their homes.

What’s near and dear to our hearts

Passion – Just like He is full of zeal, we were created to live from passion for Him.

Joy – His joy is actually our strength. He made us to experience and offer delight.

Do-overs (Mercy) – We relish the joy of the God who delights in mercy.

Risk – Faith can be spelled R-I-S-K. We value taking chances and letting Him sort out success.

Family – Our families are a gift and are full of preciousness.