Top 10 Awesome Benefits of Family Worship

It was rest time when two of Sarah’s friends stopped by to meet little baby Grace. That means each of the 4 olders had a spot in the house to either play quietly or read. Ezra was in his room just across the hall from our room where they were visiting. Little guy was playing Legos and belting out worship songs at the top of his lungs.
That has become par for the course with the little Ez-man. Part of that is because of the songs we sing in family worship.
I. love. that.

In our last blog, we addressed 3 key steps to family worship with the young ones:

  1. Keep it simple.
    • Short times of reading, praying and singing or really any combination of those.
  2. Don’t worry when the littles don’t engage.
    • We’re not looking for engagement quite yet, just establishing the rhythm.
  3. Do it again.
    • Frequency will lead to enjoyability and fine-tuning your method.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits: both expected and possibly some surprising bonuses.

10 Benefits of Family Worship

  1. You practically express the first commandment to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.
  2. You experience God’s nearness (sometimes felt and other times not-so-much).
  3. His Word is actively tenderizing your hearts to love Him and others. 
  4. You’re reminded of His goodness as you read about His love, sing of His nature and recall His blessing in prayer.
  5. You’re fulfilling His command to let the Word dwell in you richly (Col 3:16).
  6. For you husbands, you wash your wives with the water of the Word (Eph 5:25-26).
  7. You follow Moses’ charge to teach the Word and talk about it with your children (Deut 6:7).
  8. You fulfill the over 50 direct exhortations to sing to the Lord in the Bible.
  9. You are obeying Christ’ great commission to make disciples (Matt 28:18).
  10. You build a history in God of how He answers your family’s prayers.
  • Happy worshipping!
    – John

    P.S. You probably have another reason or two why it matters to you. In the next post, I’m going to follow up with sharing why family worship matters so much to families like yours.
    So, go ahead and leave a comment below so that we can share with others next week by answering this question:
    What are your two most important reasons for worshipping Jesus as a family?

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Words can hardly express how much I appreciate your teaching at our Sunday school class and your sharing of your notes, and the most important, your encouragement.”
Shu Schiller
College Professor, Wife and Mother
After watching your video, I started praying with my wife again.  We’re doing it and are encouraged to refresh our vision and prayer life together.
Steven Smith
Missionary and Finance Director, Husband and Father of 3
This ministry is so needed in the body of Christ.  It’s so practical and doable, but I’ve not seen anything like it.
Charles Criniere
High School Teacher, Husband, Father of 8


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