Hey Friend!

I married by best friend, am raising 5 future world changers, am a mortgage loan officer by day and cheery leader of this ministry by night. Right when I fully surrendered my life for His in 2002, I had it in my heart to see transformation in the Church. That burden still burns in my heart.

I worked as a banker for 5 years, on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for 8 years where I served as a Finance Director/Intercessory Missionary, started a non-profit, Praying Families, in 2016 and now work as a mortgage loan officer.

My life vision is to know God deeply, and to be just like Jesus. My parents divorced when I was 8, and although my mom pointed me to Christ, my dad didn’t teach me how to me a man of God. But God brought along other “fathers” to guide

Keeping my family as a high priority has been a conviction since Sarah and I married. I also have a passion to influence men to lead their homes spiritually and model Jesus’ heart for His bride and the Father’s heart for His children.

I really believe that Jesus is in the ‘transforming hearts and homes’ business and I’m just one of His targets. I think you are too!

For every family to thrive,