Hey Friend!

I’m John. I married by best friend, am raising 4 (almost 5) future world changers, and cheery leader of this ministry. Right when I fully surrendered my life for His, I had it in my heart to see transformation in the Church. That burden still burns in my heart.

Oh yeah, my life vision – to know God deeply, and to be just like Jesus. I’ve got a ways to go, but my heart’s been set since that June 22, 2002. My folks divorced when I was 8, and although my precious mama pointed me to Christ, my dad didn’t teach me how to me a man of God. But God brought along other “fathers” to guide.

I worked as a banker for 5 years and have staffed a church/ministry for 7 years where I served as a Finance Director/Pastor.

Keeping my family as a high priority has been a conviction since Sarah and I married. I also have a passion to influence men to lead their homes spiritually and model Jesus’ heart for His bride and the Father’s heart for His children. Did I mention I’m still in process.

I’m. Learning. A. Lot.

But, I really believe that Jesus is in the ‘transforming hearts and homes’ business and I’m just one of His targets. I think you are too!

If you’re passionate about seeing your family thrive, then you’ve found some of your people here. So let’s see His Kingdom come in our families… together!

For every family to thrive,