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The Praying Families Story

We’ve had a passion for prayer from day one of our relationship.
We met 14 years ago in Springfield, Ohio as the Lord called Sarah to move to be a part of a local church where I (John) would soon dedicate my life to following Jesus.

Our hunger for seeing the Lord respond to worship and answer prayer grew and after five years of marriage, we moved to Kansas City to be involved in a church and ministry where they’ve served since 2009. Our passion is the gospel message. It’s the good news that Jesus saves, heals and delivers.

We’ve gone through highs and lows within the way our family worships, but we’ve failed forward. Maybe you can relate… (sigh).

Sarah began leading a mom’s support group where she taught on methods of praying together as families. It was the response from her ABLE group coupled with the question, “What are you guys doing with your kids that causes them to worship?” that sparked this vision.

Maybe God could use us to spark this passion in others…

So, what exactly is a praying family anyway?

  • Simply put, praying families read the bible together, they sing songs to God together, they pray together, and they tell others of God’s love together… regularly.

  • We believe it is regular when our children grow up thinking, “This was normal”. Or maybe there are no children. Do my wife and I think it is normal to read, sing, pray and tell others together?

The challenge…

If you’re like us, you didn’t grow up with this modeled and don’t know how or even exactly what to do. Spiritual leadership can appear elusive. Maybe it’s easy for the pastor and his family, but what exactly does God want from us, as the leader and co-leader of our home?

Our heartbeat is to put a stake in the ground that says all families are called to this. Then, we want to foster conversation throughout families and churches. We want to see husbands and wives talking together about their own vision and plan to see it shift.

We want to see millions of families reading, singing, praying and telling together. We want churches to be full of powerful families, confident in God’s love and advancing the gospel in their own homes and communities.

Does that resonate with your heart? We hope so. And… We. Need. You.


We need husbands and wives, moms and dads just like you to own this vision for your home AND a few more. Maybe the Lord wants to use you to spark the passion in others. We think we can do more together to advance the gospel message in and through our homes, than any of us could alone.

So, let’s be friends and companions in the battle for thriving families.

For every family to thrive,

-John and Sarah


We want to empower families one by one. In everything we do, we’re targeting the shift that goes from not praying, reading and singing together to helping you walk out your family’s vision for worship in your home.

John Markman

On May 31, 2004 I married my best friend and am now raising 4 (almost 5) future world changers and giving leadership to this ministry.

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Sarah Markman

I’m a supporting wife, humble mama to 4 (almost 5 :o)), home school teacher, home school support group leader and I help lead this ministry.

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