Discover Life-Giving Worship in Your Living Room!

Get the step-by-step Guide Today

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Discover Life-Giving Worship in Your Living Room!

Get the step-by-step Guide Today

Free Video Guide

Have You Been Frustrated By Family Devotions?

Boring? Limiting? Complicate? Cheesy?

We Are Here to Champion Your Family Connection!

Praying Families will give you a step-by-step guide to meaningful living room worship.

  • Simplified Bible reading
  • Freedom from legalistic structure
  • Unified vision as a family
  • Deeper Connection with your kids
Free Video Guide

If you are like us, we didn’t grow up with a family you prayed together regularly. But, we wanted to do things differently with our kids.

After years of learning from others and trying methods with our kids, we’ve found a life-giving rhythm of worship in our living that works for us and so many others!

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The challenge…

At Praying Families we know you are the kind of person who wants to have a tight-knit family that prays together. But, If you’re like us, you didn’t grow up with this model and don’t know how or even exactly what to do.

In order to be that way you need guidance to create a family worship culture which is sustainable! The problem is not knowing where to begin which causes you to feel overwhelmed and stuck.

We believe overwhelm shouldn’t be your road-block to family worship. Do we understand what that feels like? That’s why we create the 5-Day Video Guide to Living Room Worship.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the community for the step-by-step guide.

  • Do one action item each day.

  • Enjoy the connection with your family.

Begin the 5-Day series so you can stop wasting the opportunity to create family unity. Start Living Room Worship and connect with your kids in a powerful way today!

For every family to thrive,

John and Sarah


Words can hardly express how much I appreciate your teaching at our Sunday school class and most important, your encouragement.

It’s amazing how much change there already is!

My husband and I are praying together and that’s not all.  What amazes me more is that my husband (the night owl) is getting up early in the morning to join us to read the bible together and pray.

It’s all God’s miracle!

Please go and bring light to more families!

Shu Schiller , College Professor, Wife and Mother

This ministry is so needed in the body of Christ.  It’s so practical and doable, but I’ve not seen anything like it.

Charles Criniere, High School Teacher, Husband, Father of 8

After watching your video, I started praying with my wife again.  We’re doing it and are encouraged to refresh our vision and prayer life together.

Steven Smith, Missionary and Finance Director, Husband and Father of 3

Can We Pray For You?

We want to help you have confidence in leading your home in family worship. As a way of saying thanks for signing up, our praying family will be praying for yours. And we’ll send you a prayer list for free that you can use right away!

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